1. METHODOLOGY SUITABLE FOR ALL. The methodology can be applied to any person regardless of verbal skills and cognitive abilities.
  2. ANALYSE THE STARTING SITUATION. It is strongly recommended to make a dynamic assessment of incoming communication skills to design a path suitable to the needs and objectives of the person.
  3. OBJECTIVES AND TOOLSIt is essential to establish what are the objectives to be achieved and consequently the most suitable tools to achieve the set objective, adapting them to the abilities of the person.
  4. PRECOCITY. It is very important to start using the method as soon as possible, as soon as the person is taken in charge regardless of the age, this is because it allows to immediately activate an effective communicative exchange.
  5. SPREAD THE METHODOLOGY. It is very important to disseminate the methodology and tools with all those – communication partners – who relate to the person, this to favour the use of a common language that can facilitate the interaction of the person in different contexts.
  6. TAKE THE RIGHT TIME. It is important to understand that to verify the effectiveness of the method it is necessary to do a constant, consistent and continuous work and then take and give the person time to learn this new language to be able to use it effectively.