Il Cerchio social cooperative – project coordinator – was born in 1981 in Ravenna as a support to institutions that deal with Social Services and persons, by the aggregation of a group of professionals whose professional and cultural matrix has a solid foundation in social sector. Il Cerchio has 526 employees (of which 503 members), who act, in their everyday work, with the purpose of promoting social integration among citizens , carrying out tasks related to activities of social intervention in relation to the field of mental and physical disabilities, the sector of education, up to elderly care. The Cooperative Il Cerchio is organized to be proactive in terms of design and innovation, offering activation of innovative services in order to bring benefits to the whole community through the improvement of vulnerable citizens’ conditions and support for families.

The Italian Institute “San Biagio” is composed of two Primary Schools and a Middle school. Students are from 6 to 14 years of age and they study English, French and Spanish. Our three schools are situated near the centre of our town, Ravenna. The Institute is attended by around 1500 students from 6 to 14 years of age. There are around 150 teachers working in the three schools. The classes are grouped, according to age. All classes are mixed ability with Special Needs children. Each year is supported by teachers working in “team”. The National Curriculum subjects are shared between each teacher. Other teachers as specialized, work in all classes teaching the following subjects: English, Religion, Education and Learning support activities. The institute is provided with modern I.T. Labs.Classes are involved in many school projects such as Environmental Education, Special needs students ” Activities “, Art, Music.

Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece and has office in Athens. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. In order to provide a high quality service develops and operates innovative activities relating to: 1. Studies and research in the field of non-formal education and training; 2. Development and implementation of technology enhanced training; 3. Greek language program for refugees and immigrants; 4. Entrepreneurship counseling and mentoring with special focus on unemployed and women; 5. Psychosocial support and counselling for immigrants, refugees, homeless, long-term unemployed, people with religious or cultural characteristics, etc.; 6. Counselling for employees to improve their job conditions; 7. Counselling programs for long-term unemployed women and women threatened by unemployment; 8. Programs for young people with learning disabilities from minority groups; 9. Training for immigrants, refugees, people with religious and cultural characteristics such as Roma people, Greek Muslims, homeless etc; 10. Programs to strengthen the capacity of access to employment for people affected by poverty and social exclusion. ACP implements projects all over Greece especially in Northeastern Greece and Athens.

Vinco is a NGO and competence as well as support centre providing primarily services for preventive assistance of people with disabilities and is based in Kapfenberg since 1998. Our team consists of specialists in the work with people with disabilities, specialists in the field of early childhood intervention, autism trainers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and educational scientists (social pedagogy and adult education).We offer early intervention for children from 0-8 years as well as family support, an inclusive kindergarten and assistance in school and during leisure time. In previous national projects we also offered language courses for children with a different mother tongue than German. Migration is and has always been a part of our everyday work. Vinco was the coordinator for EUPALT – European Passport for the Education of Therapists/Teachers Working with People with Dyslexia (, duration: 1 Oct. 2011 till 31 Dec. 2013) and ICF-Train (, duration: 1 Oct. 2012 till 31 Dec. 2014) which were both LLL (Lifelong Learning) projects and funded by the European Union.

The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is a teaching and research institution officially founded in 1985. The university employs over 7.000 people in 31 faculties and schools distributed in three different campuses, with a total of more than 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The UPV/EHU offers the highest number of doctorate programmes of all Spanish universities, one third of which have received a mention of excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education. The UPV/EHU has been recognised as an International Research Campus of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Since the first Research Framework Programmes, the UPV/EHU has been very active and has participated in many collaborative projects and Marie Curie actions. With regards to the 7th Framework Programme, during the period 2007-2013, the University of the Basque Country has participated in 99 projects, has coordinated 22 of them and has been the beneficiary of 7 ERC Grants, amounting to more than 30 million Euros of financing from the FP7 programme, and more than 4 million Euros from other European or International Research Programmes. In Horizon 2020 the UPV/EHU has already been successful with 42 projects which so far have attracted a total sum of 12 million Euros in research financing, including one ERC Advanced Grant, one FET-OPEN grant, and 13 INTERREG grants from INTERREG IV and INTERREG V. In 2014, the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) started to support Erasmus+ Programmes. It has already been the beneficiary of 4 Jean Monnet Actions, 4 KA2 Strategic Partnerships, 2 Capacity Building in the field of higher education and 1 Erasmus + Sport.

Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization, which works to encourage and expand the cooperation among the academia, business, institutions and educational organizations. Association Euni Partners has over 80 members from different professional backgrounds, including academia; education and training; media and new technologies; business; NGOs, etc. We work in partnership with several schools and universities in Bulgaria and we offer career – orientation support and professional training, interactive English course for children under the slogan “NEVERENDING STORY – LET’S PLAY AND LEARN ENGLISH”, furthermore we organize series of cultural exchanges with different target groups and with different institutional partners. We also work in partnership with universities and schools in Bulgaria, aiming to improve the quality of education and training in accordance with the needs of the labour market. We work in close partnership with local cultural, artistic and educational institutions, tourism services providers, youth and non-governmental organizations. EUNI represents the European network “Route Europeenne des Legendes,” and as its official representative we are engaged with the development of the international project “European Tales and Legends” in Bulgaria. We work in close partnership with organizations, institutions and professionals from all over Europe, aiming at encouraging the international cooperation in the fields of science and education, culture and arts, tourism and sustainable development.

Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is a school with about 1500 students and 110 teachers. Our school provides educational opportunities to the students who intend to expand their knowledge and skills to receive a university degree. We offer them educational and technological developments. We offer also opportunities which would help to obtain vocations according to the employment policies parallel to educational programs. We prepare the students to get the job market or to continue to the university. We have 4 departments as: 1.lCT Technologies Area, 2.Electrical-Electronics Technology Area, 3.Construction Technology Area, 4.Map-Land Registry Technologies. Lessons are both theoretical and practical. Our students are learning whatever they need to know about the professions they have chosen so as to create better conditions to working life, but they have to attend general education lessons as language, maths, history, chemistry, physics, literature etc.

School Centre Velenje is one of the largest Vocational Education and Training (VET) centres in Slovenia with more than 55-year long tradition and with 3115 students on initial and continuous secondary and also higher level of education, serving by 223 teachers, trainers and other staff. It consists of School of Coal-mining, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, School for Service Activities, Gymnasium, Higher Professional School and Inter-company Training Centre. Modern role of staff and teachers as professionals, innovators, project managers, mentors, colleagues with experience in usage of ICT, lifelong learning concept, and adult education reflects the integration of the education institution in the priorities of the regional and local development. Special focus is on partnership cooperation with local and regional economy as well as on cooperation with companies in national and European context. According to the challenges of actual time School Centre Velenje tries to provide quality educational services and to carry out education on responsible way for all participants of education. Fast-developing technology as well as continuous demands for new knowledge and skills require constant search for new knowledge, investment into own development, lifelong learning, competent and responsible actions, good cooperation and teamwork. Therefore, the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners is of high importance for School Centre Velenje.

A.E.D.E. was founded in Paris on 14th July 1956. It is a professional association of Directrors and Teachers of school of any order and degree. It aims at: – Uniting all the teachers who want to contribute to the creation of a political federal European Union; – adapting the professional training and the didactic action to the federal European unification; – Deepening , in the world of the education, the knowledge of the working on the construction of a European integration in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, in order to arouse common European behaviours and foster an awareness of the common points of European culture. A.E.D.E. cooperates with various services of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, with the Ministries of Education and Culture of various Countries, with UNESCO and with all public and private organizations having the same purposes as ESHA (European School Heads Association) and ATEE (Association for teacher education in Europe).

University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland is one of the 7 Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. It has a university statute, focused on professional training and applied research. Together with the University of Southern Switzerland (USI), it is the only Italian language university pole in Switzerland, with almost 4,000 students. Besides basic education, SUPSI offers postgraduate courses and applied research facilities to local, national and international industries. The TTHF (Telecom Telemetry and High Frequency) laboratory is part of SUPSI and offers a broad range of services in both applied research and technological transfer in multidisciplinary research fields. The laboratory conducts applied research work in the fields of cabled and wireless telecommunications, telemetry, security and design of high frequency systems and sensors. The most significant projects developed by TTHF include those relating to the metrology of non-ionizing radiation, microwave-based sensors for noninvasive material identification, telecommunication and radio frequency identification components and systems.In the domain of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for social inclusion and ortho-pedagogical education, the laboratory developed new technological systems and tools: the kit REACT (Radio Enabled Activity Control Kit). The development of such system also allowed an improvement of education capabilities in institutions working with people with disabilities by promoting opportunities to expand the range of educational activities.