Multiplier Events

Multiplier events are those events that are organised to share the intellectual outputs of a project with a wider audience. In order to share the results of the project beyond the partners many different stakeholders and potential multiplier/users will be invited including: national/regional/local institutions; other teachers, schools and organizations; external partners active in the field of AAC.

The main findings will be presented with a specific attention to exchange the practices and encourage the use of the results. These events are aimed at discussing the potentiality of AAC methodology as a way to integrate disadvantaged learners and return to the audience on the inputs emerged during project activities. Events will be organized and coordinated by each partner at local level, but also other partners will be actively involved in the preparation and presentations to be offered. Generally, for each ME it is foreseen the attendance of at least 30 national/regional/local participants.


Transnational project meetings

Transnational project meetings (TPMs) are official meetings involving all project partners with the general aim of treating management and financial issues related to project implementation.

As stated in application form TPMs (every 4-5 months) foreseen by the project are:

1) Italy M2 – kick-off meeting among partners, set the project management and financial tools to be used during the project life cycle, start research phase connected to O1, fix tasks and time table for project implementation and dissemination strategy.

2) Slovenia M7 – goal, validate and develop the training model O2, give inputs for C1-LTTA, development of schemes for testing activity (O2/A3), fix tasks and time table for following phases.

3) Bulgaria M14 – Analyse first results from testing O2, starting feasibility for O3, coordinate tasks and time table for project development, collect data for interim report.

4) Italy M20 – analyse results of C2-LTTA and develop schemes for testing O3, coordinate tasks and time table for project development and dissemination.

5) Austria M25 – Analyse results of testing O3, validate toolkit, setting schemes for EU level multiplier events and further dissemination of project, set time table and collect data for final report.