This section contains all documents related to the development of the training programme delivered to teachers, educators and staff working with children with communication difficulties. It shows the steps occurred to shape the final version of our AAC@school Training programme.

This training programme has been in part experimented during the Learning Teaching Training Activity (C1) in Velenje and has seen the participation of all partners for a 5 days immersive training. The programme proposed will be tested at local level and integrated with the results of the research, to complete it and to finalize Output 2.

LTTA 1 – Programme – First EU Training Activity (Velenje, Slovenia / 19th-23rd March 2018)

The training programme has been completed within the 2nd Learning Teaching Training Activity (C2) in Athens, where participants have been trained in a 3 days-practical session to start creating tools and so acquire the specific competence related to practical use of AAC symbols and instruments.

2nd LTTA had the objective to prepare participants to be trainers of local experimentations, but also to start working on Intellectual Output 3 – Toolkit.

LTTA 2 – Programme – Second EU Training Activity (Athens, Greece / 21st – 23rd January 2019)

After the two learning/teaching/training activities, partners developed the pilot version of AAC@school Training Programme and started the testing phase at local level.

So, from March to May 2019, all partners have been involved in the organisation and delivery of training sessions to be dedicated to teachers, educators, school staff and other professionals working in education system. The pilot version of training was the following: AAC@school Training modules.

Each module has a dedicated structure composed by: general objective of the module, time schedule, contents of each session and specific objective of the session, training methodology and materials.

Here a preview of didactical materials used that will become part of Intellectual Output:

1. AAC metholody introduction

2. AAC Historical path




6. AAC Tools_How to create them with ARASAAC

7. AAC Practical workshops

AAC methodology in kindergarten_optional

Game and AAC

After local training experimentations, partners reported on the activities carried out, analysing all relevant aspects and giving indications for the finalisation of AAC@school training proposal, that is 2nd Intellectual Output of the project.

All these feedbacks and indications have been collected and became part of the final document.


IO2 – AAC@school Training Programme_final version

Now available also Italian version, Turkish version, Spanish version, German version, Bulgarian version, Greek version