The project will focus on supporting the inclusion of disadvantaged learners in school educational paths through Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methodology.

The project has 5 OBJECTIVES:

  • Deepen understanding and use of AAC methodologies in school contexts;
  • Offer an EU space for peer-to-peer learning and reflection;
  • Review existing and create new tools to support the use of AAC;
  • Training teachers/professors/educators;
  • Spreading knowledge, sharing results to promote AAC at school.

These objectives will be reached through 3 main intellectual outputs.

Intellectual Output 1 – Research and state of art. It will consist on a working paper collecting best practices and excellences for modelling methodologies useful for Output 2.

Intellectual Output 2 – AAC training module for teachers. Instructional goals will include:

  • creating awareness
  • imparting knowledge
  • and assisting teachers to develop and use AAC methodology within their classrooms.

Intellectual Output 3 – Toolkit: AAC friendly school. The toolkit that support:

  • teachers
  • educators
  • and other relevant stakeholders

in creating inclusive environments (schools) with AAC methodologies.

If you want to know more about partners of AAC@school project, follow this link: