“La Comunicazione Aumentativa Alternativa come strumento di inclusione sociale” – seminar organised by SUPSI

On 13th November 2019, in the framework of AAC@school project, the associated partner SUPSI organises a training seminar to present and share results and knowledges generated by the project.

The seminar is mainly addressed to special education teachers, kindergarten school teachers, DFA students in Teaching for pre-school level, DFA students in Elementary Level Teaching; social educators, family members of people who use CAA systems, but is open to all those interested in the topic.

The programme foresees, after a common session on Augmentative and Alternative Communication methodology, 2 dedicated workshops on:

  • People with communication difficulties and situations of linguistic heterogeneity: the role of AAC as a facilitated language or facilitator
  • The AAC to support interpersonal communication and expression in children with developmental disabilities that can interfere with the development of these skills.

Before conclusions will be presented AAC@school project, tools produced and results achieved by the partnership.