“Systems of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (SAACs) in Spain” – research paper published by the research group of UPV.

UPV – Universidad del Pais Vasco has recently published through its research group, involved in AAC@school project, a paper entitled “Systems of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (SAACs) in Spain: A Systematic Review of the Educational Practices Conducted in the Last Decade”.

Authors (María del Mar Boillos Pereira, Elizabeth Pérez-Izaguirre and Dorleta Apaolaza-Llorente), involved at various stages in AAC@school activities, have decided to write this paper with the aim of obtaining a global perspective of the main lines of action, as well as to identify its nature according to the beneficiary, context, aims, and typology of the SAACs implemented through the application of an evaluation grid.

This evaluation grid tool arose in AAC@ School for Social Inclusion project (Output 1).

The results of this systematic review provide researchers and educators with evidence to apply SAACs with individuals with communication impairments, regardless of their age, gender, or the impairment or functional diversity they suffer from and could be applied in other European contexts.

The consortium is very proud of the work done by the research team of UPV and wants to share this results with all project’s stakeholders.

If you are interested in reading the research paper, please follow this link: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-0760/8/1/15